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Writing by Patrick Keddie

Love songs of Turkish football

Many football chants are homages, jokes, vulgar comments regarding the opposition’s mums, and calling each other “sons of bitches” and suchlike. Yet, there is often also a poetic intensity to the … Continue reading

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Illicit football: The Black Stockings

Photographs of Fuat Husnu Kayacan show him dressed impeccably in an Ottoman tunic and fez, sporting a sharply waxed moustache, looking every bit a young man of the establishment. He attended … Continue reading

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How a mobile physio unit is helping wounded Syrian refugees to walk again

REYHANLI, TURKEY – Grasping the bed sheets, Abu Staif braced against the pain as he lifted and lowered his weight-strapped right leg. The knee is swollen and there’s a large … Continue reading

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Sinai: Reporting Egypt’s ‘War on Terror’

The last time Mohannad Sabry, an Egyptian journalist who has reported extensively from the Sinai Peninsula, reported from North Sinai in June 2015, he received a phone call from a source telling … Continue reading

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Sportif Lezbon: Turkey’s first LGBT football team

ANKARA – “Football is the world’s most popular sport,” says 25-year-old Selin Yildiz. “And it’s also a kind of bastion of masculinity; when you say ‘football,’ people think of men. So … Continue reading

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The Westerners who fight against ISIS

Richard Jansen was watching the streets, waiting for Islamic State (ISIS) fighters to appear, when a heavy firefight broke out one day in January. “There was shooting like crazy, then … Continue reading

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Egypt’s Megafantasies

THE SANDSTORMS that wrap, choke, and blind Cairo in a periodic haze are a reminder of the desert’s proximity. Driving west out of the city, free from the congestion of … Continue reading

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Dinamo Mesken: Turkish Football as a Political Football

IN “DINAMO MESKEN,” a multimedia exhibition at Ankara’s SALT Ulus gallery, Turkish artist Ege Berensel tells the story of an amateur football club dragged into Turkey’s political turmoil of the … Continue reading

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Children of the revolution: Egypt’s grassroots education movement

CAIRO – Mostafa Wafa, 24, recalls the time he was walking through Saft el-Laban – the tough, mostly informal suburb of Cairo where he lives – when a group of … Continue reading

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Syrian refugees in Egypt struggle amid UN funding crisis

As the fourth anniversary of the Syrian uprising passes, reduced support is pushing some Syrian families in Egypt towards dangerous choices. CAIRO – “This place was full of life,” says … Continue reading

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Syrian refugees in Egypt: The Assad family

Hossam Assad, a 42-year-old Syrian refugee, says his family lives for Fridays. “This is his favourite time of the week, going to football training,” Hossam tells Al Jazeera, gesturing to … Continue reading

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