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Sinai: Reporting Egypt’s ‘War on Terror’

The last time Mohannad Sabry, an Egyptian journalist who has reported extensively from the Sinai Peninsula, reported from North Sinai in June 2015, he received a phone call from a source telling … Continue reading

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Egypt’s Megafantasies

THE SANDSTORMS that wrap, choke, and blind Cairo in a periodic haze are a reminder of the desert’s proximity. Driving west out of the city, free from the congestion of … Continue reading

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Children of the revolution: Egypt’s grassroots education movement

CAIRO – Mostafa Wafa, 24, recalls the time he was walking through Saft el-Laban – the tough, mostly informal suburb of Cairo where he lives – when a group of … Continue reading

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Syrian refugees in Egypt struggle amid UN funding crisis

As the fourth anniversary of the Syrian uprising passes, reduced support is pushing some Syrian families in Egypt towards dangerous choices. CAIRO – “This place was full of life,” says … Continue reading

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Egypt’s Ultras: ‘We don’t believe in state justice’

Sunday’s tragic events should be seen in the context of a widespread crackdown on dissent in Egypt, analysts say. For Mohamed*, a 23-year-old member of Ultras White Knights (UWK) – … Continue reading

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Beginning to see the light: Shining the sun’s rays into Cairo’s dark streets

Egypt is typically associated with searing sun. Yet, for many people who live in densely packed urban areas, the light scarcely penetrates the narrow streets. “I get about half an … Continue reading

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Hidden hell: The growing crisis of female drug addiction in Egypt

On her wedding night 13 years ago, Wafaa found her husband injecting ayoun – a cheap powder-mix found in Egypt that gives users a heroin-like hit. “It’s just something fun,” … Continue reading

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Sunset in the black hole: 500 days in prison

CAIRO: “I have been kidnapped and imprisoned, for almost sixteen months now. 500 days in prison, without committing any crime. My family are unable to negotiate my release. I am … Continue reading

January 1, 2015 · 1 Comment

Unprotected: Refugees attacked with machetes in Egypt

6th OF OCTOBER CITY, EGYPT – Blood was spattered across the floor of the café and on the walls of the kitchen counter. In the corner were smashed sheesha pipes. … Continue reading

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Blood Sport: The Ultras White Knights vs. Mortada Mansour

LATE AT NIGHT, waiting as instructed by the Opera House on the island of Zamalek, my phone rings. “You know the lions by the bridge? Meet us there.” I go … Continue reading

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‘Ultras’ fuel Egypt’s campus protests

Protests continued on university campuses across Egypt following the court verdict that cleared ousted President Hosni Mubarak of charges of killing protesters during the January 25 uprising. The protesters comprise a … Continue reading

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